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At Shanze Partners PLLC, Attorneys at Law, we serve clients with financial interests in the United States and Asia. We provide counsel through all areas of law that impact the success of your investments or enterprises.

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Serving Washington State Businesses With Global Interests

Our Practice Areas

Corporate Transactions & Compliance

Corporate Transactions & Compliance

We facilitate profitable transactions while ensuring legal and regulatory compliance for enterprises with multinational holdings, investors and partners.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

We provide cost-effective representation through sales, purchases and leases of commercial real estate.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

We represent corporations and individuals through business litigation, arbitration and mediation, including bankruptcy filings.

Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning Services

We protect the interests of closely held enterprises and their owners through proactive succession planning and estate planning counsel.

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Helping individuals and families transition through the process of immigration and securing needed visas for work.

Comprehensive Counsel Across Practice Areas – And The Pacific Ocean

At Shanze Partners PLLC, Attorneys at Law, our purpose is simple: We enable prosperity for individuals and businesses with financial interests in the Pacific Northwest, East Asia and South Asia. Whether you are a United States citizen looking to connect with Asian consumers, an investor or entrepreneur new to the American legal system, or a multinational corporation seeking to ensure compliance with diverse regulatory systems, our attorneys’ expansive legal knowledge can facilitate your success.

While our mission may be straightforward, the counsel we provide is versatile and nuanced. From bankruptcy to business immigration, we empower each of our clients by enabling them to fully understand their legal situation. We dissect complex cases with foresight, precision and integrity – ensuring that you have the clarity, communication and resources you need to make informed decisions throughout the legal process.

Areas We Serve: Pacific Northwest, East Asia, South Asia

Our Team

Headshot of Zhizhou (Leo) Wang

Zhizhou (Leo) Wang

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Jiawen (Leah) Liu

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Xinyuan (Echo) Zhang

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Shengjie (Misa) Zhao

Downtown Seattle, Washington.

Ambition And Advocacy That Grow With Your Business

Shanze Partners PLLC, Attorneys at Law, counsels many clients whose businesses or investments are in a formative or transitory stage of their lives. This includes new enterprises which need assistance with corporate formations, contract negotiations, real estate purchases or other acquisitions. This also includes established businesses and investors who are taking exciting steps to increase their revenues, diversify their holdings and create a presence in new markets.

Our firm’s unique character is a natural fit for clients who find themselves these crucial inflection points. As entrepreneurs themselves, each of our attorneys combines tested legal experience with fresh, forward-thinking perspectives. Vigorous and solutions-focused, we transform challenges into commercial opportunities. We are prepared to grow with you and your business – providing trusted, informative representation for the entirety of your enterprise’s financial lifecycle.

Our Clients Measure Our Success

As dedicated business lawyers, we know that our success is defined by our clients’ success. We do not measure the effectiveness of Shanze Partners PLLC, Attorneys at Law, by the number of legal accolades we receive, or by our reputation among other lawyers. We look directly to you – to the health of your portfolio, the profitability of your business, or the trajectory of your enterprise after a lawsuit or other dispute – to determine whether our counsel meets our exceptional standards for quality, comprehensiveness and integrity. The client-centered metric by which we evaluate our legal guidance ensures we remain focused on your concerns and objectives. We do more than simply step into your shoes – we make your goals our mission.

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